I am looking for information about daycare in the Salem area. I unfortunately have to return to work in January, and as much as I hate it, I need to find safe, reliable and nurturing daycare for my son who will be 3 months old. I may only need daycare for a couple of days a week (some of my husband’s family has volunteered) but I am also looking at possibly needing daycare M-F. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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My daughter, Sadie, goes to the Bright Horizons in Beverly (at the Cummings Center) two days a week, and is doing really well there. She is 15 months and just started about a month ago. They are very loving and nuturing there. I have also heard good things about Run-a-Muck off Highland (that was one of our options, but my husband got a job working in the Cummings Center, so it’s very convenient for us). I have also heard that the Salem Y is good, too. Only one I didn’t get a good feeling from was Kiddie Koop off of North Street. Something about it just felt weird to me. Definitely check out a few places. I also heard of a good home daycare in Marblehead, but her hours didn’t work for me (I work in Boston, so it’s a long day and I think her hours were only 9-5). If those hours work for you, let me see if I can dig her number out. There was another Salem mommy who absolutely loved her. Best of luck. Going back to work is so hard, I can relate!

When I was thinking of putting Emory in Daycare I looked at the Y in Salem. I did not get a good feeling there at all. I also did not find it to be clean enough for me. I have heard the one in Marblehead is good. I opted to have a Nanny come to the house, so those are the only ones I know. Good luck!

Thanks Shannon and Lisa for the quick replies and advice, I really appreciate it. I will put Bright Hoizons and Run-a-Muck on my list of places to check out. Shannon – Thanks for the offer of the number of the home daycare in Marblehead, unfortunately those hours wouldn’t work for us either. Lisa – How did you find your Nanny? Is the cost comparable?

I wouldn’t put Play to learn on Highland Ave, on the list either, don’t know anyone who goes there, but I know someone who told me that they were walking in the area, overheard staff speaking/yelling at the children in an unkind manner, in the playground area. Good thread, as many of us may be there soon too! Best Wishes, Leni

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I have used Craig’s List. It can be really scary, but I found a really great Nanny that way. I have also posted at Salem State College near the Education and the Nursing Majors. I would say it costs more. But, I find the cost is worth it. I am extremely picky as most Mom’s are, about who and what Emory is exposed to at this young age.

Hi Liz, my daughter has been going to Kindercare in Salem (on the Swampscott line) for over a year. She went three days a week for about a year, and she now goes four days. She has done well there. I love the director and she is close to some of her teachers. My main issue is that they have a lot of staff turnover. Yet it has been a good arrangement for my daughter, and she likes it very much and is settled there. There were times when I considered finding another arragement for her, however, because she got sick often and because of the staff turnover. It is also more expensive than a lot of the other centers.

I would have preferred an at-home daycare when she was so young (I too had to go back to work when she was three months old) but I could not find an at-home daycare that felt right to me, and I visited several. Like Shannon, I also did not like Kiddie Koop – I did not get a good feeling from the place at all and crossed it right off my list immediately after I visited it.

I have also heard good things about the Salem Y and Run-a-Muck. I know about a year ago there was a long waiting list for infants at the Salem Y but this may have changed by now. All the best to you as you make the adjustment to going back to work… it is not an easy one.

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My son goes to Magical Beginnings in Peabody and has done really well there. He started when he was almost 6 months and he is now 3 and in their pre-school program. Its spotless and there really has not been much of a turnover at all. Best of Luck.

Hannah went to Run-a-Muck for two days. The staff are very attentive and friendly. The only negative being the extremely strong Boston accents of some of the staff.

We stopped bringing Hannah to daycare however after two days b/c she was having major separation anxiety after being at home with mommy for over a year.

Separation anxiety….there is a whole other topic!! Poor Hannah!


Has anyone used Run-A-Muck in Salem for infant care?   I have a 3 month old son and am seeking daycare for M-Th.   I have looked mainly at daycare centers, but haven't received any warm and fuzzy vibes from any of them.    It would really help to hear from other moms that they found a place where their infant was happy and given the attention needed to help nurture and foster development.   

I would prefer an in home care situation, but haven't found any with openings.   For now, we have found that Bright Horizons in Beverly and Run-A-Muck both have availble slots.

I'd love to have any recommendations...thanks!

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